Sunday, November 21, 2010

Online marketing trend: Local-personal-mobile-social

Online marketing will be more LOCAL, PERSONAL, MOBILE and SOCIAL in the future, according to the experts at MIXX Conference in New York, reported by Paul Fisher from IAB in AdNews.

Local: GPS tracks us down and guides us where we are. "Hyper-local" is next.
Personal: Our behaviour is getting tracked and we get talked to as individuals. Growth in DM.
Mobile: Tablets are making everything come more handy. We skip the laptop and go straight to the mobile.
Social: Ads will be socially enabled, allowing people to comment, forward or re-post.

This is all in line with our reduced respect for authority and from-above-messages. Marketers need to re-think the classic media mix and try to meet people where we hang out - not on the TV screen. Curiosity and creativity necessary as well as sensitivity and respect.

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