Monday, November 15, 2010

A talking spoon got me through the job interview - Emotional needs more important than practical ones

It is easy to be loved by your customers. Just give them something they really, deep down want (they might not even know they want it)!

A week ago I went to a job interview and before the meeting I sat down at a café to gather my thoughts. I was both nervous and excited about the amazing job, so my heart was pounding. I ordered a coffee while waiting, and it was served on a plate with the spoon in the picture. Can you see the smiling face? Brilliant!

The thing is I didn´t actually order coffee because I wanted a caffeine kick or a hot drink. My needs were not materialistic, but purely emotional, subconscious. I was at the café to think, prepare and get into the right head space - which is why this spoon was much more valuable to my needs than a soy latte ever will be. It was exactly what I needed - a cheerful spoon telling me it would all be good, just take it easy and have fun; it´s when you work in joy you get into flow and perform  to your peak, Sister! (ok, I might have read a lot into it but you get the picture, lol...)

People don´t buy Mulberry bags because they need a bag. We don´t buy fancy books because we are dying to read them. We don´t go binge shopping because we need more shoes or ear rings or gold clubs.

People buy things to find an emotional outcome. Happiness. High status. A sense of calm. Or maybe support before a job interview...

Research has also shown that we give more tip if the waitress draws a smiley face on the bill, wo the smiling spoon is definitely a winner!   

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