Sunday, November 14, 2010

Online shopping in numbers

Last week – just in time for Christmas – shopping giant David Jones opened the doors to their new online shop. This is a sign of changing shopping behaviour
Australians are set to spend $26.86 billion online by the end of 2010, according to a study presented in BRW November 11-17 issue.  This is a huge difference from the $12 billion the same magazine in August said we shopped online. Does anyone know?
Anyway. In the fresh report from Forrester and The Leading Edge, it is told us that 9% of all retail purchases are done online, and according to a study from RightNow, presented in October (also BRW), 8 out of 10 Australians have bought something online during the last year.  
We don´t just shop on the computer of course. Australians also make 1.9 billion visits to shopping centres each year (on average twice a week), claims Shopping centre council of Australia and directional insights.
What is the prediction for the future? I assume sales online will grow when people get comfortable with it and shops are getting better. When what you have shopped online comes shipped in a nice package, quickly delivered and when any complaints are handled well, our comfort one will start including online shops, especially if prices are attractive. People are time-poor and computer savvy. But at the same time we are emotional human beings affected by what we touch, smell and sense, and unless onine stores see that and meet that need, they will not build long term connections to their consumers.
I haven´t found any recent research on the emotional reasons for buying online. Do you know?

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