Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bring the stove to the pot - Elextrolux Design Lab takes us to the future

Sometimes I wonder: What happened with the "vacuuming shoes"?? Electrolux was working on the prototype for these excellent shoes for easy cleaning a couple of years ago. But I still drag the clumsy old thingie around - instead of flying around the living room in these hot clogs. Ah well... all these inventions! Will they ever make their way into our lives? I do belive that this years winner of Electrolux design lab´s competition - "the snail", invented by Peter Alwin from National Institute of Design in India - might actually be in my kitchen in a few years.

"The Snail is a portable heating and cooking device based on magnetic induction processes. Such is the size and versatility of the Snail, it can be stuck directly on to a pot, a pan, a mug etc. to heat the contents.This reduces the amount of space required for conventional cooking whilst adding portability to the process. Powered by a high density sugar crystal battery, the Snail converts the energy from the sugar, heating up a coil to conduct the magnetic induction process to the utensil. Integrated sensors detect the food type being heated so as to automatically adjust the time and temperature. A simple touch sensitive display with interface helps to monitor the process."

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