Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Agency anarchy - Media, advertising, communication stumbling over each other

A new Nielsen study shows that 36% of Australians accessed Internet through their phone in the previous 30 days. Change is rapid; numbers are expected to climb to 50% over next year.
For brands and communication strategists the most important statistics from the study is that more and more people are watching video content online. 75% of Australians watched video on their computer at least once the previous 30 days and 26% watched clips on the mobile.
Ad agencies love their TV commercials, so that is still what most times pops out of the pitch process, but is this a stubborn way of thinking when trying to connect brands with people in a time when we are influenced everywhere and nowhere, and when people are doing their best to avoid junk, watching YouTube instead of Channel 7? Is turning a brief into a broadcasted spot simply what ad agencies have done before, what feels comfortable and safe, and what brings in the big bucks...
The “dance space” is not defined anymore when it comes to marketing and communication. Media agencies and advertising agencies win the same awards, everyone is tapping into each other´s areas and they are all stepping on toes. Agencies are expanding and narrowing and broadening their offer. Who is doing what? With whom? Why, when, how? It´s like “Gossip Girls” where the script writers are short of ideas, letting all the characters sleep with each others.
Yeah, it´s a mess really, but a very liberating and exciting mess. Creative agencies are no longer trapped in one way of executing brilliant ideas. They can spread their wings, and even if that means they will fly into some other bird also spreading her wings, only great ideas and projects can come out of this.
Boxes are comfortable, but they are like North Koreans dancing for their Leader. Not much innovation comes out of that.... Welcome to the new chaos. I´m loving it. Are you?

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