Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kate Perry leads us to Ganesh but X factor stars still God believers - what´s the future like?

Aussies have a special relationship with the creator. 22% of the Australians are worried about having a Minister who does not believe in God, according to a new report from Roy Morgan. 9% would worry if he or she was catholic. 
Last night Mahogany was voted out from X factor and one of the girls thanked her family etc for their success, but ended the speech by thanking God. The same thing happened last week when Luke & Joe was voted out. They thanked GOD.
Australians might not go to church – only 19% of Australians say they go to church on a monthly basis – but they are for sure somehow having a backup plan with God. Only 18% of the Australian population stated that they had no religion in the 2001 Census.
Having a religion does not always mean believing in God though. A Salvation Army study from 2006 showed that 49 % believe in God, 34% are unsure and only 17% atheists . 6.1% are Buddhists , 5% are connected to Islam and 4.3% to Hinduism.
On the other hand, 42% believe definitely or possibly in astrology.... Which means almost as many who believe in God believe in horoscopes. Which matches the new trend where people are interested in new age medicine. Which means people are open for mystery today. Culture, moulded by church, is losing its grip of the individual.    
Compared to my homeland Sweden, Australia is very religious. We had a singer who in 1983 thanked God for her talent on national television when winning a contest, and people were outraged!! Well, that´s the socialistic mentality.
In Australia, it seems like the number of believers outside the traditional church are growing. It seems like the mega churches, like Hillsong, are growing. Individuality and rationality, consumerism and materialism are working against the fluffy God believing business, but when sales of alternative health care are up and Kate Perry is getting married in front of Ganesh instead of God, those are signs too.

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