Friday, November 12, 2010

The coolest websites according to the young digital advertising experts

Last night I went to a seminar on trends in marketing, arranged for the younger generations of advertisers in Sydney (Youngblood). The event was hosted by Adam Ferrier, consumer psychologist from Naked Communications and guest speakers were Tim Burrowes rrom Mumbrella, Gual Barwell from Contagious and Julian Cole from TCO.
Most of the discussion evolved around digital. The consumers and their needs were mentioned quickly by Adam but not at all on the radar for the young blokes, but I assume they discover the new fascinating websites and possibilities, while marketers need to take this further, add with insights and mould it all into something useful for brands when connecting with people.

Some of the cool sites the guys were talking about were: (watch there Lolcats, Chocolate Rain and Rich Roll),, Shareability is the key, you find fun things and share the experience. Apparently humanising animals is also a key to engagement (the cat in the pic is my lovely ragdoll Cocos chilling on the couch). Hmm. Have a look at the sites!

Interaction with the consumer on Internet is important. At this point, the sites mentioned are unknown for most of us, and even if they are raved about in certain groups (of computer geeks :), the viral marketing strategies need to get grounded to be efficient. Awareness and fun is not enough - you need to sell as well. The trick is to combine a strong understanding of people with a sense for business and come up with ways of using the mysterious www to inspire consumers. Millward Brown has presented a little more down to earth video on this. Link

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