Monday, September 12, 2011

Why do So many people LIKE Bubble O´Bill icecream? Socialbakers report

Socialbakers has gone public with some of the information on the site, giving us some insights into what Facebook pages people use and like. It´s interesting hos Bubble O´Bill icecream RULES when it comes to Aussie fans. How did they do it? The site publishes some fun pictures and video clips, but nothing spectacular. HOW do these pages get so many fans?

It turns out the page is created by a true fan (so they say at least...) who had his tonsills removed and could only eat icecream... Not sure if this story attracted people, but perhaps a learning that we seek the genuine; pages created by fans, not the brands themselves. Guess nobody likes those who brag about themselves, which is why PR is sometimes more effective than ads in creating trust. If a journalist has recommended something it feels more trustworthy than if a brand shouts out about itself being fabulous...

I wish there were more qual studies on social media; at the moment all knowledge on how we engage with  Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and so on is in the shape of numbers. Statistics won´t reveal WHAT makes us besotted about one brand´s page and not the other. How to replicate the success of Bubble O´Bill? How to be as engaging as BMW? Digital strategists out there - share your wisdom, please :)


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