Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why are so many ads SO stupid? Or... are they?

I DO really love the strategist role, to spend all day revealing people´s dark secrets and develop the insights into strategies and ideas. To dig around in the human psyche, discovering what "the target" thinks and feels about all sorts of things, and then guiding them to meet the brand of their dreams... It´s a fantastic, super interesting job, but some days when watching ads on TV I get a little embarrassed and frustrated. What on earth am I devoting my time and energy to?

There are sooooo many crap ads out there! Perhaps they work, and the ROI goes through the roof but it´s just stupid, simplistic, deepening shitty values and driving people to buy for the wrong reasons. I´m ashamed sometimes of the rubbish. I wish to change things, but is it possible? Will The Good Guys keep on singing? Will K Mart still have fake people fighting about bargains as if they were retards? Will beer brands keep on offering guys hats and key rings? Who dares to break the traditions? Maybe it´s not even a good thing? Perhaps my ad ideas aren´t efficient, maybe I´m the one on the wrong track.


In Cannes I saw so much fabulous work I´m still a believer, but after a night with Australian TVC´s I´m numb and want to stay under the doona.

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