Friday, September 23, 2011

Love advice for brands - does your brand suffer from a broken heart? Is it single and unhappy?

Hey, it´s the weekend and time to think of love and life instead of branding and advertising (which is of course about love and life too; it´s all entwined...but that´s another story).

A few years ago I left the corporate world and my communication career to work as a love coach, guiding people to happier love lives. It is a rewarding job, seeing sadness shift into joy and hopelessness into faith.

Today I do both. I´ve merged my insights from marketing and research with my insights on romantic relationship in the concept of Love Branding (see above) and I am doing my best to bring deeper understandings of human nature into agencies, but I still help lovesick men and women all over the globe to inner peace. Some see it as flippant, but it makes me happy :) Today it´s more like a charity than a business, but my way to contribute.

I run a YouTube channel and here are some of the latest videos. Enjoy :)

More of them at and info on my services at

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