Monday, September 5, 2011

Flying elephants attracting the frequent flyers - or their finance department?

We were watching TV last night and came across the new TVC from Optus and Quantas. I am a little puzzled about it - what the message really is - but I understand the point of aligning one high end brand with the other, attracting the "frequent flyer gamers" (collecting points is angry birds for business men, right...?). The strategists and business developers must have seen that the target are heavy users of both air travel and mobile telephoning, so CLICK, perfect match, a beautiful love affair...

Whether the same business men watch TV on Sunday nights and get intrigued by flying elephants is another thing, but the ad is interesting. Different. A little science fiction. A little odd. Pretty. I´m positive - even if I don´t really know why... lol.

I guess the real target is the finance department, who picks up the bill. It´s unlikely these business travellers are the ones actually purchasing the service, which makes it all a bit more complicated.

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  1. I think we have to be careful not to apply a 'they' mentality whenever we look at ads (would 'they' like it? would 'they' notice it? etc). Take a step back. You noticed the ad. You understood that Optus and QFF are now in bed together. Why wouldn't others do the same?

    I'm sure finance directors and business people watch TV sometimes too. And knowing Optus, they would also be communicating this product offering through a range of other media channels.


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