Friday, September 9, 2011

Celebrities in ads give you attention, but not brand love - unless you use the fabulous Charlize Theron!!!

Oh, how BEAUTIFUL isn´t this ad for the perfume Jádore (Dior)....

Using celebs as a marketing strategy is tricky - research has shown that those ads actually often perform worse than others. (Check the post: ) It´s a lazy way of getting attention from the audience, and it´s not engaging or involving anyone, hence not doing anything for the brand than giving it attention for the moment. It´s an old fashioned and tired strategic platform, not going further down the marketing funnel.

This is btw my Love Branding funnel :)

Using Charlize Theron though... it´s another story. She is there as an actress, shining like the sun, sexier and more stylish than anyone. She´s there as an actress, not a celebrity. Huge difference!

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