Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Customers with heart ache do not have emotional space for your message

This morning I got a comment on my YouTube video on "how to cure heart ache" that made me laugh and think.

My video is very sensible and I talk about that you can feel better by going back to your core, remind yourself of what you wish for and deserve; people who are happy within themselves will be magnets for love, but if you run around worrying you tend to make things worse.

Most people like the message and calm down, but this morning someone had commented: "Orrr just break some shit"

Lol... Yes, we are human and sometimes wisdom and sensibilitiy and the message "love yourself first" just sounds stupid and we can´t accept it because we are just SO mad, SO sad and we don´t feel like calming down. We just want to break some shit! We want a hug. We don´t want the responsibility.

It reminds me of a blogpost from Seth Godin the other day "Can´t watch your parade if the house is on fire" where Godin wrote:

"People are in pain. Often of their own making, they tell themselves a story that obsesses/distracts and compels them. "I'll never get a movie gig again," "I can't believe they didn't like what I offered," "My job is in jeopardy," "Money's too tight to buy all the things I want..." "Does my butt look fat in these shorts?"

You can jump up and down and sing and dance and launch fireworks, but if the consumer's story of pain is vivid enough, you will be ignored. When the house is on fire, all your audience wants is a hose."

In coaching, I often meet people who self sabotage. They say they want to find love, be in love, and love forever, but all they do is finding faults with everyone they date or push new lovers away by asking them for too much too soon. Deep down they might be scared of love, don´t believe they deserve it, or think a relationship will change life so much they will get seasick. Staying in status quo is simpler, you know what you have. So...

We say one thing. We do another.

We want one thing. We do everything we can to avoid it.


Your branding must cut through all this. It must love people beyond their role as "consumers". Marketing is about creating illusions and offer us all something that we believe we need. But don´t listen to what we say in the quant research (yes, I wish to eat heathly and exercise every day blah-blah-blah), but listen to what is underneath. The depth of it all, the subconscious, the hidden, the embarrassing truth. The smallness, the fears, the self doubts. That´s where you will find the real insight.

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