Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stare Challenge captures the eye of gen y guys

Screen shot 2011-09-05 at 10.40.31 AM.jpgSydney digital creative agency, Pusher, has created a digital and social media campaign for client Snack Brands Australia and their product, CC's Corn Chips.

As a follow-up to the television spots produced by Workshop Australia that launched at the end of July, Pusher's campaign, running until the end of September, is designed to generate conversation on social channels and into the online space to engage with the young male skewed target demographic.
Pusher has developed an interactive game that has been built into the CC's brand destination website and featured on the CC's Facebook page.  The game, "CC's Stare Challenge" features a girl sitting on a train staring at you.
Contestants on Facebook or the website are asked to activate their webcam and 'line up their eyes' with the eye-detection and motion sensing webcam that then tracks each and every subtle eye movement throughout the game.
Screen shot 2011-09-05 at 10.40.47 AM.jpgOnce the stare video challenge begins, characters from the CC's TV commercials come into frame with CC's Corn Chips and try and distract players to get them to look away.

To make it harder to keep staring, Pusher has incorporated a host of 'diverts' in the form of video challenges.  One includes a 'CC's Fan' scenario that blows the girl's hair all over, like a shampoo commercial.

"The CC's Stare Challenge tells us when players of the game break their stare and look away.  When they do it's because they have looked away at the product while already engaging and playing the CC's game," said Mike Crebar, digital strategy director at Pusher.

"The technology behind the game emerged just a short time ago in the consumer electronics markets through cameras and security systems, so the CC's Stare Challenge game that includes eye-tracking and motion sensing technologies being controlled through a webcam, is a great eye opener - pun intended."
This is another way of grabbing the attention of the restless, joy searching Gen Y. Staring has very little to do with corn chips (I think) but is a way for the brand to attach its brand with a positive emotion. The brand will give the boys something fun to think about, and subconsciously this will make them link CC with the feeling of fun. Does it work? I´m curious to see the results.

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