Thursday, May 12, 2011

When strategic planners go from selling to loving they will reach success for brands

Do you ever see your brand - the brand you are paid to market - as a person? Do you see brands being people who seek love from other people (customers, non-customers, representatives and yourself...) ?

I know that we in strategy most times look for what the target is feeling in relation to the product or service, but it is most times done in lack of balance. We see the product and the people on completely different levels, one above the other. It is like we are trying to manipulate people to like what we are selling, and we look for 'apertures', when the consumer is receptive for the message (when is she weak and vulnerable sort of...) I am guilty of getting into this mood as well; it is easy to play along.

Somehow I think we all hate sales, and feel guilty about tricking people into opening their wallets for whatever crap we are selling... When using neuroscience, eye-tracking, Roy Morgan and all sorts of tools to understand and influence - and lure - people, we subconsiously sense we are doing something wrong. (And let me tell you, if you are NOT feeling it, you are definitely not connecting with the market. Without empathy your work will be bleak)

By calling sales "marketing" or "advertising" we cover it up, but it´s still considered as a dirty job. Deep down.

I believe that the moment we start working with love, seeing both the brand and the customer as a human being, we can build a closer connection that last longer and is stronger. When you as a marketer see how you actually are filling a true emotional need within people´s hearts and that you will improve their lives, you can let go of the guilt and find a more peaceful relationship with the "target audience".

Just like people come into our lives for different reasons - to teach, entertain, hug or challenge - brands serve a purpose. We buy them because they have a natural role in our lives. Nothing wrong with that! Our job is to dig so deep into people´s minds that we get a clear view of their deepest emotional longings, and to have the true will to improve their situation. It´s about finding out how your product has a natural fit into people´s world, where it will be a Hero, a Rescuer and a Remedy.

Respect and equality is key. Change the perspective, work with a smile instead of a grin, with the heart instead of the brain, with love instead of greed, and see how miracles will happen in the shape of ROI.

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