Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Start looking at news as a process, not a pristine, finished product"

This article is about the need of curators in media by Mathew Ingham.

I found it interesting how Ingham talk in his article about the need to start looking at news as a process and not as a pristine, finished product. I think it´s the same with brands. You don´t build a brand and then it´s done - the brand will change and move and surprise you, depending on what is happening in the world, how people interpret it and how other brands position themselves. No brand agency should spend thousands of hours defining a brand, because they will need to do it all over again in a week.

Build a strong core, and find passion, purpose and pride. But logos, relationship and looks will change, just as people constantly change. We move house, get wrinkles and lose boyfriends. We win the lottery and even if we try capturing the present by botoxing and holding on to people and things really tight, nothing will ever be still. The world is vibrating, shaking, living. You better dance!

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