Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What we Like is not the same as what we like - how to go from feeling to action reports in their today´s newsletter about the new "gratitude trend", small signs that prove that we now are ready to say thank you for all that is good, instead of being obsessed by disasters.

One example:
365 Grateful: A forthcoming documentary from Australian mother/daughter filmmakers Toni Powell and Hailey Bartholomew, 365 Grateful is an “exploration of the power of gratitude.” In 2008, Bartholomew embarked on a personal journey of gratitude by taking a Polaroid photo of one thing for which she was grateful every day. This experiment in positive psychology proved astoundingly effective in helping her ease feelings of depression. Upon sharing her first Polaroid project on Flickr, the exercise became a viral sensation, inspiring others to do the same. 365 Grateful will profile these people, their tales of thankfulness, and how this positive energy can spread to improve lives.

I fond a similar project here:

This is Social Media at its best, when it spreads good energy to many! But the Facebook site has just a couple of thousands of Likers (fewer than the planking site...) so go ahead and like!

To put this in perspective, 51,233 people like the Nivea Australia site, 941 like Quantas and 60,114 people like Virgin Australia. Are people really much more in like of Nivea than a happiness project that changes lives?

Let´s just conclude it is all about reasons to act, rather than level of likeness. You can be positive to something without clicking Like! (yeah, it is TRUE) Many like brands just because they get a chance to win a prize or as in the case of Nivea, become a "tester" (= get free stuff). Awareness and feelings are sometimes useless for brands - it´s all about how you transform these positive values to action! When your Facebook page interacts with its viewers and gives them a reason, you will make them express the Like they might feel inside.

Reasons to act (click Like)

- win a prize
- play a game
- get free thing
- get tips and advice
- connect with other fans
- get bargains
- reminders of how much you like
- seeing how influencers like
- start with a small question where the answer is yes (if you do so, people get in the "yes" mood)

Remember that 44% will Unlike if you over post...

Good reads on positive psychology:
Masaru Emoto Messages in Water
Martin Seligman Learned Optimism
Tal-Ben Shahar Happier
Dalai Lama Art of Happiness

And watch my love & happiness videos on :)  

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