Thursday, May 26, 2011

Intelligence Group`s Trend School: Oh, I wish I was in NY June 8th!!

This is a little free advertisment for a seminar I really would like to attend!!

IG's Trend School is Coming Up!
Learn about the latest young consumer trends and stay ahead of what’s next

Did you know that…
Beard oil is the latest in men’s grooming?
Brukup is experiencing a global revival?
Type-ins are the newest social activity?
If our queries left you with more questions of your own, Trend School can provide the answers.  Today’s fast changing, digitally driven landscape makes it difficult for even the most plugged-in to stay current with the latest social and cultural movements. Join us on June 8th at the Soho House in New York and June 16th at CAA in Los Angeles from 9 AM to 5 PM  as we help get you up to speed,identifying not only what is happening with young consumers, but why. Trend School is an immersive, interactive daylong session, breaking down emerging entertainment, technology, fashion, lifestyle, and marketing trends and offering participants the opportunity to interact with panels of both Gen Y trendsetters and industry experts. (YouTube star Philip DeFranco will be one of our featured insider guests at the LA session.) Highlighting the latest research and insights from our Spring 2011 Cassandra Report, we’ll explain how:

- The art of narrative is capturing the ear of engaged audiences, manifesting a new macro trend called STORYTALES.
- UPTIME has replaced the concept of downtime, where leisure is no longer a passive activity but one of active participation and self-improvement.
- A new class of AMPROS, or “amateur professionals,” are becoming the go-to authorities in their respective fields, ranging from athletes to stylists and self-taught chefs.
To inquire about cost and further details for the Los Angeles and New York sessions, please contact Alina Goncalves at

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