Monday, May 16, 2011

Mega trends that move the world?

In the world of strategy we sometimes get caught up in mini trends - cool things happening here and now - but what really makes a difference are those huge waves that we hardly notice but that in hindsight have changed our lives tremendously.
While googling for "mega trends" I had to go through lots of "megatrends in 2011" which hardly can be called Mega Trends... but I did found a 2010 dated report from CSIRO that identifies five global megatrends that are changing the world that I´d like to share.
“Megatrends are collections of interlinked trends that will change the way people live and the science and technology products that they demand,” report co-author CSIRO’s Dr James Moody says. The megatrends presented in the report are based on analyses of over 100 trends contributed by leading scientists and business development staff across CSIRO.

The five trends are:

1. ‘more from less’. In a world of increasing demand for depleting natural resources, from minerals to water to fish, coming decades will see a focus on resource use efficiency and a major global effort on extracting more from less.

2. ‘a personal touch’. Growth of the services sector, now representing over 70 per cent of the Australian economy, is being followed by a second wave of innovation aimed at tailoring and targeting services en masse, to individual customers.

3. ‘divergent demographics’, recognising the growing contrast between ageing OECD populations experiencing lifestyle and diet-related health problems, and high fertility rates and problems of not enough food for millions in poor countries.

4. ‘on the move’, more people changing jobs, moving house and travelling more often and commuting further to work.

5. ‘i World’, predicting that everything in the natural world will have a digital counterpart.

The report can be obtained from: Our Future World: An analysis of global trends, shocks and scenarios.

I am still searching for those massive movements that matter to us. Like health concerns, depression, Internet, green trends, people younger for longer, plastic looks, richness, splitted families... What´s your take on that? Any reports, links or ideas welcome :) Thank you.

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