Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is the green movement dead? Well, if you don´t nurture a garden, it will turn...

According to LSN Global, Customers are giving up on cleaning products that brand themselves as "eco friendly". Sales of Clorox, Greenworks and other green cleaning products from big brands have dropped over the last few years.

Perhaps it is a money issue. Almost half of the respondents to a survey from Australian Centre for Retail studies say they would pay 5-10 % extra for green products. But 36% wouldn´t pay a cent more. And those who say they will... are they just saying that to feel better about themselves while responding...? When you are in the shop, that´s when your "goodness" is put to the test.

So is the movement Al Gore won the Nobel prize for already over, after less than a decade?

I believe people forget fast. We get distracted. We listen to other campaigns, other people, other messages, and the "green" part of us get weakened. We know even big strong brands like McDonalds and Coke constantly need to re-inform us about their existence and importance to our happiness. Just like in the world of romance, every relationship needs to get worked on, and the green movement kind of forgot about that.

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