Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When men think of dating they shop like crazy!

The mating game is defining our priorities, how we shop and behave. It´s all about impressing, attracting, showing off. Is love (or sex) the biggest driver in shopping?

Roger Dooley reports on an interesting study in his book "Brainfluence":

"Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist at University of New Mexico, primed two groups in different ways.

The first group was romantically primed by having to write about their ideal date.

The second group had to write about the weather. Each subject was then given an imaginary budget of both money and time to spend.

The romantically primed men turned into wild spenders, while the women in that group volunteered like crazy. The men did little volunteering, and the women spent little money."

Great insights if you want to sell expensive cars or have women help out with a charity... :)

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