Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gen Z - great new report reveals their need of Internet

JWT Intellience has released another well researched report, this time about Gen Z, the kids born from around 1995 and onwards. One interesting figure is that the kids find it extremely hard to give up Internet. The kids rather give up money, renting movies or attending sports events than missing out on what´s happening online. One explanation for this comes from another answer to the questionnaire, telling us that the kids can be themselves more online than in real life. They feel more comfortable having conversations in writing than face to face, and I guess if that´s the case, you will feel a bit lost as a person if you miss out on that very same level of conversation.

What does it mean in the long run though? That we will avoid meeting people physically? That we have two identities - one online and one offline? Who knows. But somehow it´s comforting to know that the kids have a place where they can express who they are and talk freely.

Thanks JWT Intelligence! While others give snapshots of cool campaigns in daily newsletters, you give deeper knowledge in your reports. I like :) 

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