Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dove does it again! A message of love to women...

Dove made it to the headlines and hearts a few years back with its much loved ad where a normal looking girl is photoshopped into a stunner (as we are trained to see a stunner...). Now an Australian campaign has created a new campaign that is in line with the message "we love you as you are". Spotted by Psfk:

"Dove has released a Facebook app in Australia that lets users create targeted advertising that would essentially replace negative Facebook ads – the ones promoting cellulite creams, bigger busts, or diet fads. The ‘Ad Makeover’ app is part of Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign to promote positive female body image. The app allows the user to select one of eight encouraging messages, such as “The perfect bum is the one you’re sitting one,” or “Think of your cups as half full.” The user can then target a group of women to send the message to, for example those thinking about love, career, or travel on their profiles."

This is the classic Dove evolution, a reminder:


The message is clear. The brand aims to make you feel Awesome! But some of its campaigns have succeeded, and some have not. I´m not sure about the ads showcasing "normal" female bodies; does it really sell the brand?

We are all born into a culture where we strive for perfection, and aspire to be flawless due to anxciety or fear, but still there, real. A brand might have to accept that we are not as inspired by people looking like ourselves, so is it a financially sustainable strategy to use regular girls? I believe that it woudl be fantastic if it was, but I have my doubts.  A magazine with a picture of me and my wrinkles and pimples would not sell as well as a magazine with a picture of a supermodel. In this new campaign, however, the brand finds a way to make a point without creating a subconscious connection between Dove and looking average...

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