Friday, April 6, 2012

Gender diversity

It´s another beautiful morning here in Bondi Beach, one of my last - for now... I´m leaving Sydney to move to Stockholm and do some great work. Sweden is such a creative country and I look forward to what I can learn and how I can grow with the agencies there.

Australian adland is a little racist, as is the whole Australian culture... Even if 44% of everyone living here are either born overseas or have a parent who is, the country is very closed. No refugees are welcome, and at the job market it´s tough if you are different. In adland, you are a little odd if you are not white, male and have done proper advertising schools...

I´ve been involved in the new gender diversity group the Communication Council launched yesterday, to make sure gender will be less important in the recruitment and promotion process. Why? Why should Comms Council even bother about what the agencies do, when it´s supposed to be the voice of them; it´s not the government being paternalistic and wanting change based on ideology? I know there will be many voices raised against the initiative.

As a libertarian I believe in our right to make our own choices. No one should force another person or company to do something, or suggest they know better... but I do believe in the power of inspiring people and organisations to become as good as they can be. The gender diversity group will not create rules, but rather point out the value of openess.

In a creative industry, you can´t afford to be stale, to employ a lot of copies. If all leaders are the same and think alike, it´s very comfortable and smooth - but will it lead to challenging, extraordinary work? I don´t think so. With a more open approach we will see more interesting ideas, and bigger financial wins.

This is not a matter of conflict, of aggression. It´s a friendly initiative aimed to create a healthy soil for ideas to grow in.

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