Friday, April 13, 2012

Petlovers for Obama - one of the Obama boards on Pinterest

Ok, Obama is on Pinterest and even if the number of followers is still less than 13,000, it will be super interesting how the social media digital savvy president will use the new medium. Brands and people are exploring, experimenting and discovering possibilities at the moment, and who knows where it will all end... I am moving overseas and put up all my items for sale on Pinterest - great way to use the site. How do you use it? 

This is one of Obama´s boards :) Another one is "Petlovers from Obama" and that has over 25,000 followers...

An article in Mashable describes the differences between the social media landscape in 2008 and today.
And for Pinterest... Not even mentioned in the article from October 2011.

Top 10 uses of Pinterest according to Marketing Magazine:

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