Monday, October 10, 2011

Women watch, men create

For marketers who wish to target women this may be useful: (from an article in Marketing Magazine online)

Forrester found in a study that women indexed high on personal and group conversations and loved sharing photos. On the flip side, men are creators, and they make up of 75% of people who contribute to Wikipedia.”

According to another study by comScore on Twitter habits, while men mainly post tweets and use the platform to consume news, women engage in conversations, and follow brands for bargains and deals.

Dr Rebecca Huntley, director of The Ipsos Mackay Report, an Australian social trends study, who has done many focus groups and research sessions with groups of women, say that while they are all connected, what they deem important differs vastly based on their life stages.

Women in their 20s feel that they are time-poor and desire to do everything before the ‘baby years’. They seek travel experiences and trust expert opinions and peer reviews.

In their 30s, women are who now new mothers juggle life both at work and at home and are a strong supporter of the iPad. Seen as a device that both entertains the kids and allows the opportunitiy for a quick escape during quiet time, the portable device also allows women in their 30s to access information on parenting, recipes and travel ideas quickly.

Women in their 40s often feel that they are neglected by marketers. While no longer young, these women do not feel old either and believe that the current market fails to speak to them. These women seek new value in their lives and will respond well to brands that address their unique life stage.

Of course, saying women born within the same decade are exactly the same is a bit simplistic, but when put together with other data and insights it completes a puzzle.

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