Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Campaigns that make us smile also make us buy

"Happiness" is a massive industry. Psychologists, coaches and shoe stores earn millions on helping people to smile. But what if it´s this easy... Take a smile, use it, and tadaaaa you feel better!

When you force your lips to smile and eye brows to rise to take in more light the hormone machine that is your body will start buzzing and tingling of joy. You will feel better, for no reason at all. Just because you´re in your natural state...

Being happy is our natural state. This is why you can´t ADD stuff to be happy. You can only reduce the blockages. A simple smile is the best detox. Another pair of shoes probably the worst...

The ad industry is many times helping us smile. More and more ads are tickling us with quirky characters and jokes, especially when targeting gen Y, trying to reach into the pockets of those who have lots to spend and a never ending range of alternatives to choose from. They wish to make the brand to be swept into the same emotional space as you are in when you are happy. Whatever we experience while laughing will be favored.Thumbs up.

Does it work for all types of brands? Probably not. Just like pictures of hot people will evoke our sense of "nowism" - wanting to spend and enjoy in the moment - and therefor are suitable for fast moving consumer brands, smiles may put people in such a happy state they can´t relate to for example diets or life insurance. I haven´t seen any research around this, but it should be considered.

If you are interested in this area, this article about how behavioural economics will change research is a gem:

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