Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Focus on your consumer as an individual and she will focus on you - well done Philips!

I love when brands play on all our need to self-focus! Most people will be drawn in if you ask them questions about themselves, where they need to reflect and think - it makes them feel seen and important. If you want to be liked by someone, forget bragging about how wonderful you are; simply put the shine on the person who you wish to impress and she will think you are fantastic!

Philips is using this insight when asking "Are you a morning person?" First, they ask ME a direct question, second they ask what kind of person I am which gives me the feeling I´m going to find out things about myself and get personal help with an issue that´s bothering many. Very clever! From psfk:

"DDB Amsterdam and Phillips have put out the challenge to enjoy your mornings with their new Wake-Up Light. With light being nature’s most common method for ‘waking up’ in the animal kingdom, the Wake Up Challenge urges people to change the way they feel in the mornings by changing the way they wake up.

Users of the Facebook app are asked a series of questions about their wake up regime, the results presented in an archetypal video. Five-hundred lucky app users will be able to test-run Phillips’ new sunlight-simulator Wake-Up Light. 


Most brands actually do the opposite; they spend most time presenting themselves, speaking about all their fantastic features and telling you that you should love them because others do. They don´t bother about the consumer´s unique needs and life challenges. They might bring out some data from Roy Morgan and think they know the "target" but only to know what to TELL them.

Philips has done the opposite, which is very refreshing. I really hope the results of this campaign will be so stunning they will be a wake up call for other brands :)

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