Friday, October 28, 2011

Interrupt the consumers´ ordinary life with a surprise and they will love you

Last night I went to a catch up with PR people and journalists in Sydney and they had decided to meet at a pub that offered quirky bonuses to the drinks. I got a free manicure! If I go there on a Tuesday I get a free fortunetelling reading! Anything to attract the ladies... who will then attract the boys who buy the drinks...?

It is so easy for a brand to put a smile on someone´s face, and a thought in their head. Just do something different that will make consumers go nuts. We are all looking for an escape from the ordinary, something that takes us out of our uncomfort zone of daily trouble and creates a micro moment of bliss. Doing the dishes, pick up from day care, trouble with the boss, worries about the boyfriend... If your brand can cut through that rubbish you will be a hero. Media will find you interesting to report about, other brands will want to work with you and you will get as much love as you are sending out.

This little cupcake is just one example. A Swedish friend went to Amsterdam and found it, posted it all over Facebook and made his 580 friends smile.

The cafĂ© across the street from where I live wrote on their black board the clever message that´s been all over Internet lately to create a cute vibe about the place. Don´t we all love this...:

It has been said that generation Y is a bunch of kids who needs constant entertainment, being restless and spoilt with impressions and information, everyone trying to give them a time of rest between childhood and adulthood. But I believe we all need some relief from the grown up life. At least I know all of my friends at Facebook, whether they are 22 or 52 are posting pictures from the cool hunter. I know we all love a laugh, some interruption in the grey. The consumer insight is not just about gen Y but about babyboomers, us gen Xers and tweens as well.

The brand that both catches my eye and touches my heart will win my love. Small gestures are big.

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