Friday, October 7, 2011

People upset with the mobile shops

A new study shows that people aren´t very excited about shopping with their smart phones. They might be thrilled about the possibility, willing to giving it a go, but once in the process, it´s not as easy as it may sound... From Mobile Marketing magazine:

"39 per cent of smartphone shoppers are frustrated by the length of the process when buying via their mobile, and 38 per cent are irritated by the amount of information that needs to be entered, according to research just released by payment firm WorldPay. Other frustrations included websites not being mobile phone friendly (31 per cent), acceptance of preferred payment method (17 per cent), and no application being available for a retailer’s website (9 per cent)."
Story found in Brian Giesen´s paper:

So what is the learning for brands?

1. Don´t just do digital to "be digital" and follow a trend. Make sure the functionality is bringing you more business and don´t put people off. It doesn´t matter if you have a website, a twitter account and a mobile shop if those marketing points are of low quality and not respecting the good old psychological rules of marketing.

2. Branding is about the whole process, from product functionality, to service and packaging. How easy it is to pay is definitely rubbing off on your brand.

3. The fact that people get annoyed mean that they have expectations. We want to be able to shop on our phone - of course! And it´s supposed to be made quickly and with no hassle. To not have a shop on the mobile is probably even more annoying than it being complicated.

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