Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Messy hair and un-polished nails the new beauty trend - bc busy people don´t have time for manicure! Hah

Trendcentral.com has spotted a "anti beauty" trend... or more like a "anti fake beauty" trend. It´s not "natural beauty" but rather "I don´t f-ing care beauty" where models are sent out on the catwalk in flat hair and plain nails.  

"While the clothing-obsessed can’t get their hands on the statement-making pieces shown during Fashion Week until 2012, there’s no need to wait for spring to indulge in the upcoming season’s beauty trends. With looks so low-key—and in some instances, intentionally unfinished—don’t be surprised if you see them mimicked on the streets well before the winter thaw.

Wet Hot American Spring: While many hair fads have returned for another season—candy-colored tresses, ’60s beehives—one new trend emerged: damp locks. Stylists claimed a range of inspirations (Barbara Bach in The Spy Who Loved Me at BCBG Max Azria, beach babes at Vera Wang, gym rats at Alexander Wang), but the result often looked the same, with hair combed back and coated with enough product to make the models look like they skipped a blow-dry. It wasn’t all just wash-and-go; among the wet-haired rebels were the models at Marc Jacobs, where the Sweet Charity-inspired coifs included shiny wisps poking out from bandanas, and at Helmut Lang, where the knotted ponytails were damp-tipped.

Nude Awakening: Just as faces were left faux-natural, nails were often painted in barely-there nudes and milky beiges. Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, Narciso Rodriguez, and VPL all featured fingertips clear of the nail art, rhinestones, and reverse-manicures that have become recent mainstays. Lacquer brands, such as Rococo Nail Apparel at Burberry, took note, introducing Nude Wardrobe, a series of skin tone-matching polishes. Occasionally, models were sent out polish-free altogether. At Christopher Kane, nail artist Sophy Robson just buffed fingertips, while Band of Outsiders didn’t even bother with a manicurist. Then again, CND’s Candice Manacchio showcased Lucite tips at both Joy Cioci and Joanna Mastroianni for those who can’t bear going so basic."

I see this trend here in Bondi Beach all the time, where the coolest kids run around with roots, messy hair and grungy clothes. They signal "we are so full of life and confidence we don´t need to wear fancy clothes and hair spray". They rock up on their cruisers (bikes) and look like they´ve just woken up and live fully, too busy and social to spend their days shopping and going to manicure. What they are telling us all is that it´s the insecure and boring people who look styled in the traditional way - while those who have passions (sing in a band, create their own t-shirts or just entertain their massive group of REAL friends) don´t have time or need to put on new nail polish. If they wear it, it´s black and falling off.

Of course, the casual style is styled as well... but the message is there. Tone down. Live life. Get off the computer.


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