Monday, June 6, 2011

YouTube 6 years old - and growing fast! This is why it´s powerful

YouTube is such a powerful media. 3 billion views per day (up 50% in the past 12 months). 48 hours of video are uploaded every single minute (100% increase year over year). 142.7 million unique viewers per month. The second largest search engine in the world. Not bad...

For me personally, in my role as The Love Coach, YouTube has been amazing. I´ve published eight books, been on TV, been interviewed in magazines and written columns. But nowhere have I been able to connect with people as on YouTube.The comments I get are heartbreaking and overwhelming; young girls and boys share their deep fears and dramas; it is like YouTube digs deeper under their skin than TV does. It´s something you watch in solitude, without your flatmates and family, and you can create sort of a personal chat between two souls. I know when I´m on TV there are so many assistants, makeup girls, camera men, producers and hosts running around I easily lose momentum and get all stressed out and a little bit excited about the bubbly environment, meeting celebrities in the hallways (!). But when it´s me and the webcam I can be in spirit and have a dialogue with YOU. I believe this is the power of YouTube.

YouTube just turned six years old (end of May) and it´s now such a big and natural part of our lives. I can´t wait to get to Europe for Summer where there actually is a broadband that makes it possible to watch videos properly. Australia is sort of behind...

Today everyone want to do "digital" and "social media" and brands are stressing themselves out and over paying under skilled people to blog and tweet and facebook for them. But the social media revolution started somehow with Burger King´s Subservient Chicken in 2005, and Office Max "elf yourself" campaign in 2006. It doesn´t have to be too clever to succeed; angry birds is hardly rocket science. But we love it.

The ten best campaigns of the digital decade:

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