Friday, June 3, 2011

What makes us tick? What makes us buy? McKay knows!

I´ve finally started reading social researcher Hugh Mackay´s book “What makes us tick?” and I "Like".

McKay presents ten desires that all people have, and that drives us and makes us like, dislike, buy or avoid. So far, I feel the book is about observations, not really backed up by stats or structured research, but it´s an interesting read, full of insights on human behaviour. If you don´t have time to read lots of books on psychology, have a look at this one!

Most strategists need to have a feel for these things to make brands connect with customers. People are not rational in the way we usually look at rationality; we are not seeking what is "best" for us according to the economists or to demographic data, but what is best for us, according to our complex minds. For example, in the world of romance, women get drawn to the bad boys they can´t have and in the consumer psyche a product is much more attractive if it´s expensive...
McKay say we all have the desire:
-          To be taken seriously
-          For my place
-          For something to believe in
-          To connect
-          To be useful
-          To belong
-          For more
-          For control
-          For something to happen
-          For love

Also read Paco Underhill, Why we buy

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