Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don´t trust your intuition too much when building marketing strategies

Today I´m sharing my Libra horoscope with you... I have a habit of reading Jonathan Cainer´s ones in Daily Telegraph - not because I believe he can exactly predict my future, but because he is wise, and express himself with such grace. Just read this:

"Surfers don't stand out in the ocean, telling the waves what to do. They wait until they see a wave coming towards them, and then they do what seems to be most appropriate under those circumstances. They are spontaneous, adaptable and ingenious. Sometimes, this results in a spectacular triumph and sometimes, it just gets them very wet."

Is your brand spontaneous, adaptable and ingenious? Is your work like a surfer in the waves? The Irish backpackers in Bondi (and ehum, the Swedish chicks) get wet all the time, while Kelly Slater dances through wave after wave. It´s a skill, to be spontaneous, adaptable and ingenious. You can train yourself to change with the winds, sense them and successfully follow. Feel the flow.

I have met colleagues (especially younger ones) who have made up their mind about a project in the first seconds after reading the brief, purely based on their personal opinions and feelings. When research on the target gives another picture, they still can´t let go of their ego, but keep on fighting for their views and "insights". But sometimes we have to say "I was wrong" and be open for the miracles, the unexpected facts and contradictions.

Instincts and intuition can take you a long way, but never over estimate yourself. A "gut feel" is often based on past experiences. In my job as a Love Coach I meet people who are drawn to violent men because they had violent parents, and I meet those who sabotage relationships because they are afraid of getting hurt. Our instincts are too often soiled and foggy.

What if your theory is in fact based on who you are, what you have experienced and who you have met in life? I think the most common reason brands fail to connect with the audience is that a lot of cocky high achievers turned marketers think they are the norm. Let go, dear friend. Keep your childish curiousity for life!

I have not failed.  I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.  ~Thomas Edison

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