Thursday, June 2, 2011

Slogans make people remember your brand - if you repeat and spread them

L'OREAL  Because you're worth itMillward Brown has released a fresh, interesting report on slogans. It shows that ads that has a slogan are more effective (remembered and considered interesting), especially if connected to a jingle, repeated over and over again, or meaningful and relevant to people. Also, it seems like the slogan need to be closely related to the product - don´t make it too fluffy or general.  

The researchers found that about two-thirds of all the ads in the Millward Brown global Link database include slogans. Overall, among all TV ads that include slogans, 44 percent include the brand name, 36 percent include slogans that have been used before, and 7 percent include slogans set to music.

"Most of the effective slogans quoted in this Knowledge Point were used across most, if not all, of a brand’s touchpoints. Repetition across different media seems to help establish slogans in consumers’ minds. Slogans can also support a brand by being used on packaging or at the point of purchase. When used on the pack or the store shelf, a slogan can bring key communication to the shopper’s mind during the decision process."

The study has measured whether people remember an ad or not, but does this really mean we will buy and like and be loyal? Other research from Millward Brown suggests this, so make sure you work on the slogan of the brand, make it interesting but not too airy-fairy and stick with it for a long time. Don´t change all the time, and don´t do constant rebranding projects. Lots of brands need to be reshaped, since the brand is created by people who are good at what they do, but not as good at marketing, but once you have had professionals look at it, form it and make the brand attractive, dare to stay there.

What do you think of mine? "Love Branding - How to make people fall in love with your brand"... Maybe if I sing it? :)

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