Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why does brands say they are something they are not - Michel´s cafés does NOT have mega hot barristas

When a girl buy a pair of "jeggings" at Supré she deep down know that she probably won´t look like the skinny chick in the ad, and when we shop a cheap schampoo we could be sure that our hair is not going to shine like in the ads. Advertising is a lot of unkept promises. Ads lie to us all the time. Most times we accept this - we know it´s a game.

But some ads are just too fake. Like Michel´s cafés who have marketed their venues with a promise of having super hot male barristas making the coffee. In TVC´s women have swoooned over goodlooking models. In the ad to the left we see an Italian looking hottie with eyes insinuating...

But when you get up to the counter at a Michel´s café you are most likely being met by a young girl or an old lady. No hot men. I´ve been observing the Michel´s cafés for a long time now, since I think it´s such an odd brand promise. Why say your brand is sexy if it´s not?

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