Friday, March 16, 2012

The simple words "bought a jeep" are actually as full of drama as a novel

This ad from CumminsRoss for Jeep is interesting. At first, it´s kind of annoying with its simple copy, repeating You/I/She "bought a jeep", and I can´t help wondering why a husband and wife wouldn´t discuss what kind of car to buy - but the line is stuck in my head, as if I´ve been hypnotised!

The reason it´s so powerful is not that it contains the right words, but that the line is said with a strong feeling; it´s full of hidden emotional triggers and meanings.

I assume it is a product of the insight that people think Jeeps are too full on, too expensive (or something like that) and that they therefore often end up buying something more "normal". But deep down they all crave one... For a girl a jeep a sign of power, of stepping out on a stage and say "Here I am". It´s wild, playful, miles away from everyday duties and civilised couples dinners. It stands for freedom from the chains of normality.

Just like beer ads play with young guys´ constant urge to be Free from girlfriends, work, boredom (for example Carlton Dry´s latest print campaign or XXXX Summer´s brilliant move to buy an island on which dudes can hang out miles away from life) this ad does the same for the middle aged couple. She might have 2.5 kids, work 9-5 and live a flawless middle class life - but she is also a rebel. There is a roooaaaaar underneath that bland surface - and to him, this is extraordinary  HOT.

Sometimes you don´t need that many words, if those you use are full of life...

I bought a Jeep - Husband & wife from cumminsross on Vimeo.

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