Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pinterest campaign - this is what it can look like!

Do you remember the early days of Twitter, when a few brands made simple, super cheap campaigns on the new platform and gained a truckload of publicity and goodwill out of it? Now the same thing is happening on Pinterest, the social media platform mostly loved by women (some say). This is Psfk reporting about a simple, effective and cute Kotex campaign:

"Israeli advertising agency, Smoyz, has created a clever and creative campaign for Kotex through the use of Pinterest. The firm targeted 50 influential Pinterest users, understanding what they pinned as interesting to them. Then the agency created customized gift boxes filled with goodies and new Kotex designs that related to their interests and delivered them straight to the women’s doors.  According to the campaign video Smoyz produced, the campaign was a tremendous success as the women shared details of their gifts to their Pinterest followers, resulting in almost 700,000 total impressions.
Smoyz’s CEO, Yael Linen-Zuchman, said of the campaign:
We had a ripple effect and women who were not involved in the campaign posted statuses like ‘What is this deal with all the Kotex gifts, can I have one too?!’ The main purpose was to have woman talk about the brand and the experience and it worked.
Check out the video below for more information about the innovative campaign:

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