Monday, March 5, 2012

Best books to read if you are a strategic planner wannabe

Here is a list of some of my favourite books, relevant for me as a strategic planner. I highly recommend them all: 

Ariely Dan, Predictably irrational
Ariely Dan, The upside of irrationality
Carnegie Dale, How to win friends and influence people
Chapman Gary, The Five Love Languages
Chaudhuri Arjun, Emotion and Reason in Consumer Behavior
Cialdini Robert, Influence
Cooper Alan, How to plan advertising
Gladwell Malcolm, Blink
Gladwell Malcolm, Tipping point
Gobe Mark, Emotional branding
Godin Seth, Purple Cow
Goleman Daniel, Emotional Intelligence
Hill Dan, Emotionomics
Kahneman Daniel, Thinking, fast and slow
Levitt Steven D & Dubner Stephen J, Freakonomics
Lindstrom Martin, Brandwashed
Lindstrom Martin, Buy-ology
Mauborgne Kim, Blue ocean strategy
Pease Allan & Barbara, Why men don’t listen and women can´t read maps
Roberts Kevin, Lovemarks
Rumelt Richard, Good Strategy/Bad strategy
Schwartz Barry, The paradox of choice
Steel Jon, Truth, Lies & Advertising
Underhill Paco, Why we buy
Weaver Mary C, Market to women
Wiseman Richard, The Luck Factor
Wiseman Richard, Quirkology

At the moment I´m reading Brainfluence by Roger Dooley, the author of the blog: 

Any books you think I should add to the list? :)

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