Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony 2012 - an historical film

Ok, everyone is talking about Kony 2012 now, so I am just posting this here for now, until I´ve got my head around it...

Just some spontaneous thoughts: It´s brilliantly made. It will be shown at adschools around the world as an example of a really clever little film that made people unite for something. It´s getting a lot of critique and it probably deserves it, but as always: great things and people scare us and we try to defend ourselves. Why don´t we criticise all the crappy manipulative ads for products that are out there? Why do we become so negative when someone is trying to do something good for this world? Yes, the film is powerful and it might lead to people spending a few dollars on something that is not the Number One biggest problem in the world, but why don´t we question people who spend 200 dollar on shoes? Maybe the film "uses" a 3 year old child to trick us into giving, but when beer brands use sexy women to subconsciously force men into buying a certain schooner, who writes articles about that?

Ah well,I might change my mind after reading more about this, but these are my instant thoughts... What do you think? :)


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