Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brilliant campaign letting people buy chocolate with good deeds

This is such a cool idea! Anthon Bergs recently up a shop in Copenhagen where people could come in and get a nice little bag of goodies for the price of a good deed! The reason I love this idea is that it´s not simply putting the shine on the brand, making it look generous - as many brands do, giving away presents as if they were Santa Claus, only to make themselves seem better than us... 

Instead it´s involving the customer and her own loved ones. She gets to think of herself as "a good person", consider people she care about and get a freebie - all at the same time! Brilliant! Her heart is open, and the brand is a bystander - but one that will be remembered... (Thanks to Psfk for the spotting of this campaign.)

Pop Up Shop Lets You Buy Chocolate With Good Deeds, Not CashDanish chocolate brand Anthon Berg opened a pop-up chocolate shop for one day only, where people had to pay with the promise of a good deed instead of cash or a credit card.
To inspire people to see the positive effects of being generous, “The Generous Store” in Copenhagen ‘priced’ its boxes of chocolates with over 30 different good deeds including ‘Serve breakfast in bed to your loved one’ and ‘Help clean your friend’s house.’ Customers made generous promises towards a friend or loved one on Facebook using the in-store iPads to ensure they followed through with their payment.

Agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded came up with the project, which had people queuing up for one and a half hours in order to make their promises and “purchase” their chocolates. Check out the pop-up store in the video below:
I would have combined this with a big mirror video camera, where people could proclaim their intentions out loud. Research presented in Roger Dooley´s book "Brainfluence" has shown that we are much more likely to keep a promise if we either see ourselves making it, or while struggling to keep it. (Tips: Put a mirror in front of your lollie jar...)

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