Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why psychologically insightful advertising is lucrative for brands

The other day someone questioned whether I could have the ability to see planning in a commercial way, making the strategy way for practical and affordable solutions. He told me I "have such passion for the psychological part of things" I might not be business minded.

Uh!!! ???

Unless you understand your consumer on a deeper than Roy Morgan stats level, how could you ever create ads that lead to long term growth for a brand? The insights on human behaviour is what will make a brand stay around for longer. Findings from the psychology of influence can teach you how to charge more, sell more and get long term results. The interviews a planner do are there to discover how to change the target´s behaviour - to increase the client´s business. How on earth can anyone think there is a "either-or" relationship between being business minded and people wise?

Strategic planning is not about finding some information about the customers; it´s about finding insights! And unless you dig deep, under the skin of people, you won´t get there. Unless you know more about them than they know themselves, you can´t reach beyond their "lies" - what they say they want - and give them what they truly want.

Adland is so narrow minded sometimes...

Most creatives I meet in adland here in Australia, work under such mental pressure and with such limited briefing from the strategists they create rubbish ads, that will not boost neither sales nor brand loyalty. The most rewarded PR agencies are those who splash out with stunts and happenings that raises eyebrows for a second, but will most likely be forgotten the next. The digital trend makes everyone nervously run around creating content and tweeting like mad, without much success (I dare to predict). Some campaigns have been stars and those are inspiring every marketing director to spend her lifesavings on fun, quirky, crazy activities online - without much thought about the consumer. The platform is in the centre, not the connection between brand and consumer. Once again, a brand stands in the corner like the shy boy on the dancefloor, making odd attempts to flirt. SIGH. Step up, people!

This is my most hated ad on Australian TV at the moment. Who trusts this man with their money?

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