Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Social media case studies - do you have a digital strategy?

Having a solid social media strategy is a must for brands today. No brand can have a relationship with its customers without being present where those people hang out. With 800 million Facebook users worldwide and anyone from kids to grandmas hanging out online and on their phones your brand should do as well. Not to interrupt or disturb, but to enhance their life, make it richer and better.

How? Today it´s all about compelling “content”, about producing videos or articles that will attract. It´s beyond the 30 second TVC and bypassing the traditional media channels. Do YouTube tv series, contests, check in rewards, apps, website communities, fun games or exclusive previews. Open your eyes for social media marketing and there is no end to what you can achieve.

Make sure your social media strategy actually is strategic, following naturally on consumer insights and brand identity. Don´t just rush away and do things to be present in the digital space, but make sure you are thinking holistically and make sense for the consumer. Let all your agencies work closely together, so the digital agency don´t go ahead creating apps that confuse and go against other parts of the branding! I´ve seen so many rubbish ghost Facebook sites out there, and it´s such a lost opportunity to connect with people! Your social media strategy should be handled by senior staff, not just anyone who is fresh off the uni boat and can dabble on Facebook. Social media success is not achieved through knowing where to be - but how to be. 

Here are some ways brands interact with their fans:

Buying a Fiorelli bag is no light decision and the brand have considered this through introducing an app which allows you to superimpose a photo of your bag of choice onto your profile photo and get your friends’ comments before you decide to buy. In this way they’ve encouraged real interaction around their brand are considering their customer’s actual purchasing journey         

The Burberry bespoke program lets customers design their own trench coats for incredibly high prices. Very few shoppers will be able to afford one, but as Paul Sonne explains on Lunch Break, well-known fashion folks and celebrities will do it.

Just before its models hit the runway for London Fashion Week show, Burberry staged a “Tweetwalk” reports Mashable. Both “#Burberry” and its chief creative officer “Christopher Bailey” trended globally on Twitter as a result. The London event included an elaborate live video stream distributed via the company website, Facebook and YouTube. It followed the creation of a 3D holographic runway for its Beijing show earlier this year.

Jimmy Choo
The Jimmy Choo Trainer Hunt took Londoners on a stylish journey, “following” a pair of designer sneakers through a FourSquare mapping location target app when checking out the coolest, hippest places – from galleries to shops.

Donna Karan’s bridge collection, partnered with BigLive, a new streaming/chat room technology, to bring viewers a preview of the spring collection that would be debuting in stores shortly. Certain items featured in the live fashion cast were already available on for purchase during the show. Just over 1,200 viewers actively participated in the DKNY fashioncast hosted by DKNY’s Twitter persona, DKNY PR Girl.

Marc Jacobs
Users of Foursquare who check in to any MJ store in the U.S., UK, France, or Italy unlocked the brand´s badge. At the MbMJ show there was a VIP NYC Meetup that includes show tickets for four randomly selected users who unlocked the Fashion Victim 2011 badge in New York City stores.

Virgin America gave the first 500 consumers who signed up to follow @virginamerica a promotion code to book two-for-one flights during a part of April 13.

Cuervo Tequila
Music band and online viral sensation OK Go are taking part in the latest campaign for Cuervo Tequila in Brazil, with pop-up 'one shot' gigs taking place in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Fans can track down the locations by logging on to The site gives a taste of what will follow at the final live performance, which will be streamed live online.

Fans will be able to take part in OK Go's music video by signing into the site through Facebook Connect or using the Twitter hashtag #shotcast. This marks the first time that the band - who are long-established as a viral sensation - have given their fans the opportunity to get involved in one of their music videos. Individual avatars will be shown as pixels to form the video's images. Those viewing the content online can hover over the individual images to see fans' comments and tweets. 
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