Monday, August 29, 2011

Interactive billboards - bring play into the grey

In the time when all we want is to play (I mean, look at the economy, there is a reason why the western world is going under...), interactive outdoors billboards are excellent when brands wish to entertain their audience. In the midst of the grey day filled with routines and often-walked-trails we love a little surprise! It´s like a Christmas moment - a tiny piece of childhood in a grown up world. A mini colourful playground in the greyscale life.

Find 10 great examples of Mashable, and check this from Cadbury:

Our need for pleasure is hugely important. Food, water and a shelter and even self development - sure, it counts - but joy might be our absolutely highest need. In research, rats who had the choice between food and stimulation of the pleasure centre in the brain starved to death (happy I guess). Babies who are not touched will sadly die too. Recognition, attention and love is many times more important than those basic stuff Maslow spoke about.

Entertain your customers, make them laugh, and you have turned them into your best friends!

More about joy as a human need:

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