Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tech fatigue - are we really abandoning the net?

"Users from across the globe are abandoning the social networking site as similar pages, such as Twitter, become more popular. Around 100,000 of Britain's 30 million members deactivated their accounts last month. There was also a drop of around 6million Facebook fans in the US, 1.5million in Canada and more than 100,000 users in both Russia and Norway."

This a little old news, presented in June this year, but still relevant. People are dumping Facebook and moving on... to other sites? To real life? We don´t really know yet, and there are still 600 million users on FB, so you won´t feel lonely in a while...

But the word "tech fatigue" is popping up everywhere. Many are a little restless and try other pages, other afraid of not being safe and others find what they were looking for and go back to their blood and flesh friends.

A Uk study by a team researchers from the University of Cambridge for BT suggests technology fatigue is setting in, with one in three people feeling the need to escape messaging and social network services.
38% of 10-18 year olds reported they feel overwhelmed by the mass of communications, and 34% in the 25 to 34 year bracket. Of the 1,269 people surveyed, 65% said they still prefer one-to-one conversations to online communication, and 42% are actively trying to cut their use of social networks. A further 20% say they are cutting back on text messaging, and 19% e-mails.
58% of families surveyed said their lives would be better for switching off all communications technology for set periods, and 36% of parents claim technology disrupts family life.

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