Thursday, August 18, 2011

Roller Disco - just another way to capture Gen Y for a sec

Reported from this morning is the rebirth of Roller Disco!! A rink has opened in NYC and off we go!

Ah well, it´s got nothing to do with Japanese fashion really, but it gives the clothes chain supporting a bit of wackiness - and isn´t that what we are all searching for these days...? All marketers having to do with Gen Y are searching for the most wicked, twisted, oddball thing to do.  It will make the brand a little neon in the world of grey. It will make the young and restless look at their way - at least for a second.

Excerpt from Trendcentral:

"High Line Rink: Uniqlo has an impressive track record with innovative marketing efforts, but its latest one may be its most notable to date. The Japanese retailer has opened a seasonal roller rink, complemented by a pop-up shop housed in glowing cubes, at the High Line’s ‘The Lot’ (the former home of FriendsWithYou’s Rainbow City art installation) in NYC. Although the 8,000 square foot open air rink does not offer the satisfying soundscape of polyurethane wheels rattling across wooden slats as heard at the indoor rinks of the ’70s, some things remain the same—including old-school skate rentals (no Rollerblades), theme nights, and DJs spinning anthemic pop hits of the moment.

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