Thursday, August 11, 2011

Steal ideas! Like Sorbents Daffodil Day campaign

I love this campaign from Sorbent, encouraging people to upload their own version of Katrina and the Waves "Walking on Sunshine". For every version the company will give ten bucks to the cancer charity Daffodil Day. Check it out:

It involves loads of people, spreads a positive message and increases happiness since singing that song will for sure make most people smile (I´m not talking about those who need to listen... hehe). The more we move, sing and act as if we are happy, the happier we become.

It´s one of those campaigns that are really inspiring, that makes you think "hmm, which one of my clients can do something similar?". Lots of brands are using YouTube to engage people, so it´s nothing new, perhaps the opposite, but be aware of that most campaigns featured in ad media never reach the actual consumer, so even if YOU are bored of the Old Spice dude, you can still hear people on the bus saying they just found this ad...

Copy great ideas. To steal is to compliment.

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