Saturday, July 16, 2011

NAB jumps on the new candid camera trend with "Incorrect change" campaign

I have spotted a new little trend in advertising/marketing - the candid camera!

The latest is NAB´s "Incorrect change" campaign, where Australians are given 5 dollar too much back after buying a coffee, and almost everyone of them give the money back! Aussies are an honest bunch, is the conclusion.

Aaaaah, such a terrific campaign; NAB has done it again! After several wins in Cannes 2011 with their breaking up campaign they are now further claiming the brand space of being on OUR side (without a smiling bank woman in sight). They make Aussies proud of themselves, it creates a community spirit and a feeling of being on the winning team. By boosting our egos the agency touch a soft spot in our heart. Well done Clemenger BBDO Melbourne! More about it on Campaign Brief´s site. Look at this:

A similar study on honesty and re-paying:

Another example of hidden camera tricks is the campaign from Huawei, where they surprise people with phones on the street. Check it out, it´s hilarious:

So why are hidden cameras so fun? Well, in a totally directed world where everyone are photoshopped on Facebook, perectly rehersed on YouTube and just UNREAL, we wish to see honesty. Honest reactions, responses, faces and emotions. It´s unpredictable and very close to our heart. We will see more of this.

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