Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Human power warms up offices in Sweden

If I wasn´t in love with Bondi Beach and Australia I would definitely live in Stockholm. Sweden is trendy, creative and I´d be happy working with the amazing agencies here! Great thinkers, nice people, good values and an open, flat and unpretentious culture.

One cool Swedish project:

"Wouldn't it be cool if simply by walking around, you could generate enough heat to warm an office tower. Turns out thats exactly what the people at Jernhusen thought when they started to design their green building certification for the remodelling of Stockholm's Central Station. Jernhusen is going to use the body heat of the commuters moving around the Stockholm Central Station to heat the office tower above. Apparently the stations ventilations system include heat exchanges that will convert all the excess warmth from the commuter area into hot water. The hot water is then pumped to a nearby building where supposedly it reduces energy costs by as much as 25%."

Another cool project:

Garbergs - one of the very top agencies here in Sweden - was set out to sell electricity, perhaps not the most exciting product, but to create a brand, as in getting a personality, stand for something and connect with people, they decided to run an art competition based on the electricity boxes that are spread around Stockholm. People got to send in their suggestions, and encourage their friends to vote for them to be the winners - the ones who got chosen to see their art work in this unusual exhibition. The contest engaged artists and supporters, creating interest for the brand in a new way. Brilliant!

Oh, how I I love quirky ideas, interesting ways to reach people and kick-ass ideas. Respect... Any more projects you wish to share?

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