Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The smartphone is our new mini dog

Who needs a cute mini dog when you have an iphone?

36% of Australians now own a smart phone device, according to a new report from Telstra. We are also using our favourites a lot.
- One in five admitted to using their smart phones to surf the net while driving.
- Half of the users surf in bed
- Almost one in four smart phone owners visit social networking sites including Facebook on their mobiles more than on a computer.
- 10% are more likely to do their online banking from their phone than on their PC
According to another study of Stanford University students, 25% of smartphone users think the machine ”felt like an extension of their brain or body”. 3 % had named their iphone, 9 % were patting it, 8 % have been thinking that "their iPod was jealous of their iPhone".

Smart phone ownership is expected to grow to more than half the Australian mobile population within 12 months, according to the Telstra report.
Where shall this end? It´s definitely important for brands to think of creating websites that are good to visit and log into through the phone. Think of that the customer now will meet the brand´s site while on the street, on the bus, so the emotional connection must come easily. Go straight to the reptile brain? Lots of colour, strong pictures, short texts? 
What I want? A thinner phone that fits my hand (I´m a girl!), an iphone I can use even if I have long nails (I´m a girl), a special rain cover so I don´t ruin it while on a run, the heart symbol on Blackberrys! Ah well... human needs. Now coffee :)

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